Pantene Pro-V Volume And Body Shampoo

Pantene Pro-V Volume And Body Shampoo

I love, both shampoo and conditioners (and i got loads of it), but recently, i bumped into this amazing offer, £2,5 for 2 Pantene Pro-V shampoos! I had to buy that, because I have never tried any Pantene shampoo or conditioners, and I love when my haircare contains oils. (I guess Pro-v  is a oil of some kind.) I was super exited to trie this.

Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body Shampoo, bought in Føtex(danish store) at £2,50 (for 2) for 250 ml. As I said, I was wild for trying this shampoo, because i got some bad experience with products promising me volume. It just never works. The consistency is very liquid, and clear. The smell is very minty i the container, but turns flowery when applied in the shower. I like both, but i love when my products contains mint, and i do not think this does, but this still smells lovely. The result is positive. I think, that my hair looks more healthy, clean and shiny, and when i brushed my hair, there are not a lot of hair falling out. My hair looks healthy and feels les heavy, after use. I doubt that i got any volume out of this, my hair looks flat as always. I would totally buy this again, just another type of shampoo from this range.

“instant volume for your fine hair, virtually no weight” – From the back of the product.

Have you tried this? or anything else Pantene?



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